ryomada_89: (OHKURA <3)
ryomada_89 ([personal profile] ryomada_89) wrote on October 26th, 2009 at 08:12 pm
because i haven't posted in a while....
 okay then i know i must be a bit late buuuuuuut....


HOW in the WORLD did I manage to miss THAT?!

as you can see i am a bit more than shocked.... but I'm really really really happy for him, i mean come on how often do you see a super popular hot asian guy get married?

well... just needed to put that out there...

school stuff (just because i need to vent):

-i hate being sick on school days (i know blasphemy) but it's all fine and dandy UNTIL you get back and you've got a crap load of work to do!

-what also sucks is that when you finally get all that late work in it takes the teacher AGES to grade it and that brings down your grade because it's a zero!

-then when you look at the grades you almost have a heart attack because you see a 65!

but then the one thing that makes you feel all better is...

watching hot asian men fail at something! ;D

Yeah i know that was kinda random but i'm feeling kinda loopy at the moment!

happy (early) halloween!!!

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