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ryomada_89 ([personal profile] ryomada_89) wrote on September 9th, 2017 at 11:42 am
Sho-kun's Mystery Creatures
Hi everyone!

I LOVE pins. I got the idea of combining two of my favorite things: Sho's mystery creatures from the good old days and pins!

I've been involved in the recent Arashi file restoration project and I started re-watching all the old goodies and I was inspired!

I'm trying to save money and pay some unexpected expenses. Every little thing helps and these are super fun to make!

So here's what I'm offering!

They come out in varying sizes (much like Sho's work) but I can make them all relatively the same so I have two sizes: small and large.




They are all hand-painted with acrylic so I can make them any color, and I can also add glitter :)

Small - $4
Large - $6

I live in the US so shipping can be determined at the time of purchase!

I can make any of the drawings that show up in this post (also please give this lady some love cause this post is amazing!):


Thanks so much for looking at this post and please feel free to share it!!!
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