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ryomada_89 ([personal profile] ryomada_89) wrote on August 11th, 2012 at 05:16 pm
Yo to nobody! :D
I have to say, even though I rarely use this journal (as I'm not much of a writer)
but every time I do I just feel so refreshed :D
I'm kinda glad that I unfriended all the people on here. It's kinda mean but it had been about
2 years since I last posted so time to start fresh right? 
And anyway I made this journal when I was like 14-15-16 (I don't remember) so I lied about my age
which is why my username is weird XD
I was going to change my name but it costs money soooo I'll just stick with this (after all I'll be 89 one day!!)!
Well that's it for now and hmmmmm maybe I'll try to make some friends here on lj.

How does one go about doing that though?????
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